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Amateur FA Announces County Cup Final Appointments

On Monday 19th February 2024 the Amateur FA match officials were invited to the Civil Service Club where they announced their County Cup Final Appointments for the 2023/24 season.

We are delighted to announce that several of our members were included in the appointments and you can find a full list below of the Amateur FA Cup Final Appointments.



Assistant 1

Assistant 2

4th Official


Harry Demo

Anthony Browne

Olivia Brownlee

Andy Demetriades


Mark Baxter

Chris Beament

Paz Morreale

Jay Knight


William Prior

David Lofgren

John Doe

Daniel Merrall


Ricardo Reynolds

Glen Bertram

Errol Walker

Daniel Dyer


Robbie Campbell

Gage Deitch

John Hollis

Rodney Davies

Senior Novets

Phillip Mayer

Graeme Wilson

Peter Chmlinski

Mark Cripps

Inter Novets

Mark Barber

Kevin Gosnell

Vascilia Roman

Junior Novets

Michael Sainsbury

Lee Murphy

Neil Rank


Lorraine Stone

Ed Stone

Neil Hagger

David Behling

Congratulations to all match officials on their appointments and we hope that you all have successful finals.

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