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Editorial Code

Editorial Code for Argus, the Society Website and Social Media

The Editor, webmaster and controllers of the Society Website, Facebook and Twitter entries may disallow any of the following and will consult with the chairman if in doubt:

  • Defamatory remarks

  • Comments on matters which are sub-judice including pending football disciplinary hearings

  • Incorrect or false statements of fact(s)

  • Incorrect statements of football law (if in doubt, the Training Officer to be consulted)

  • Personal remarks, but criticism of policies and practices is permitted

  • Gratuitous insults towards members of the football community

  • Comments which are unfairly critical about Society Guest Speakers

  • If article comments on a previous month’s  article – send to original writer for his comment in the same edition, similarly if a website article criticises a previous article

  • Photos to have captions showing the names of persons shown and perhaps witty comments

  • Argus, website and social media not to be used to ventilate personal criticisms of other Society members.

AFA and LONSAR – a London Referees’ Society runs a number of training and development opportunities throughout the football season.

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