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The date that totally changed my life was Saturday 11th January 2020.

It started out as a normal footballing afternoon at Kingston University's ground at Tolworth, the home of Nottsborough FC of the SAL. I was due to referee their Vets and was carrying out my pre-match duties of net checking and player equipment inspection when I suddenly collapsed. Luckily for me a player applied CPR and the ground possessed a defibrillator. These 2 factors combined to resuscitate and stabilise me until the emergency services arrived.

What followed, due to my having no close relative contact details with me, was very alarming with my poor wife Nina suffering the consequences.

I remembered none of the above and woke up in the ICU at St. Georges Hospital, Tooting a very lucky man having suffered a cardiac arrest!

As a consequence of the above episode the county and associated leagues have been working hard to persuade referees of the benefit to supply up to date emergency contact details to the leagues and/or societies. This will help ensure their nearest and dearest are informed as soon as possible should a serious incident befall them.

My "incident" highlighted that defibrillators and a knowledge of First Aid helps to save lives! All clubs should already have First Aid aware members however I would encourage more grounds to house defibrillators and to raise awareness of the lifesaving benefits that these devices offer, I'm here as a direct result of this and couldn't thank all those who supported me and my wife through this ordeal.

AFA/LONSAR have since purchased a portable defibrillator which is intended to be brought to as many games as possible were members of the committee attend.


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