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Young Ref's

Young Referees Development and Support Group

The AFA & LONSAR Young Referees Development and Support Group consists of 10 young promising referees.

The idea behind the development group is to give young referees support and development separately to society meetings.

To become a member of the development group, you must be a registered referee, a member of the society, the membership to the development group is free of charge, you must sign an agreement to be committed and willing to learn. Membership is invitation only and must go through the group’s leader.

You must be committed to learning and develop yourself as a referee, being on promotion is not a requirement but is desirable. We encourage all young referees to get themselves a mentor, if you don’t currently have one and want one, we can help to find you someone through your County FA or through the Society.

Our aim is to help you develop as well as show the importance of the Society and how it can help you to develop. One important part of developing is socialising, this helps you as the people who are members you may have on your line one day or you may see at a football club, you would much rather know other referees as you can talk and learn off of referees which can improve your game.

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