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Playing football without a referee is rather difficult! Well, let’s be honest, it’s impossible. We believe a football referee is an inseparable part of a football game. Football referees are the arms to the football clock.


That’s why, here at the AFA & LONSAR we are dedicated to supporting and enabling an army of highly motivated and immensely talented, FA qualified referees! AFA & LONSAR is one of the largest referees’ society in the country providing our members with training, support and representation for over 100 years

The AFA Referees Society was formed in 1966 to cater for the needs of all referees officiating in AFA football. It later merged with LONSAR to form the largest Referees Society in Southern England. The Society is a great supporter of the National Referees Association. We hold regular meetings during the football season which concentrate on all aspects of developing refereeing of all ages and genre. We are proud to be a multination, multicultural, diverse and inclusive community.


Together with Training days, we also hold a number of social events to enhance and encourage camaraderie and build good team spirit. Elected Officers act on behalf of the society and work well with both the AFA and London FA in strategically looking forward at the needs and aspirations of our members. All referees will benefit greatly by being a member. As a member, if you have the drive and aspiration and qualities to join the Executive Committee to help drive the society forward, please do step forward and get in touch. Members wishing to join the Executive Committee are encouraged.

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