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refereesPlaying football without a referee is rather difficult! Well, let’s be honest, it’s impossible. We believe a football referee is an inseparable part of a football game. Football referees are the arms to the football clock.

That’s why, here at the AFA & LONSAR we are dedicated to supporting and enabling a small army of highly motivated and immensely talented, FA qualified referees! AFA & LONSAR is one of the largest referees’ society in the country providing our members with training, support and representation for over 100 years.
Below we have listed a few frequently asked questions which we think should provide sufficient information.

Why should I consider becoming a football referee?
If you have ever played or loved the beautiful game, then becoming a referee will only help you develop your love further.

Besides, refereeing will be your paid active sporting pastime, where you make new friends, discuss the beautiful game informally over a drink and above all, keep fit and active.

When should I consider becoming a referee?
You should undertake the FA Referee Course, as soon as you are ready to dedicate at least  1 Saturday / Sunday a month to refereeing.

How old do I have to be to become a referee?
You can start to get involved from the age of just 14. Ask your local County FA for specific pathways and programmes they deliver.

How do I become a referee?
To become a qualified referee, you need to undertake the FA Referee Course. In the first instance, you could approach the Amateur Football Alliance.  Other County FAs deliver The FA Referee Course as well.

If you would like to speak to someone in your area, then please use this link which will direct you through to the relevant County FA where a member of staff will be happy to help.

Do I get paid to referee a game of football match?
Yes, referees get paid for every game they officiate. FA Referee Course

What is the current match fee?
The County FAs and competitions sets match fees and vary between £25 – £35.

How much does the Basic Referees Course cost?
The cost for the FA Referee Course depends on your local County FA. For contact details to your local County FA, please click on this link.

Course costs should vary between £100 – £175. The
Amateur Football Alliance charges only £135.

Where can I get the latest copy of the laws of the game?
The most up to date Laws of the Game booklet is available the IFAB website; which is also available via the FA website and your local County FA.

I live in London, so which County FA should I approach?
You could consider one of the following FA affiliates:

Other home-county FAs include:

  1. Essex FA
  2. Hertfordshire FA
  3. Kent FA
  4. London FA
  5. Middlesex FA
  6. Surrey FA
  7. Sussex FA

What support is available after I have completed the FA Referee Course?
Your local county FA will provide information about the level of assistance they provide.

Amateur Football Alliance, which covers London and most of the home counties, will as a matter of course, assign a senior referee as your mentor; who will act as a first port of call for any queries, advice, issues or problems.

For all referees based in and around London, you should join AFA & LONSAR. For membership benefits click here.