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As has become a tradition, AFA & Lonsar proudly invited all Football Referees London,  to a practical training session on Thursday 12 October at Alexandra Park. This is a popular annual event which attracts crowds.

AFA & Lonsar Referee Workshop Evening is sponsored by the Referee Development Fund will take place on Thursday 12th October, at 19:00 with and Early Bird session from 18:00.

The this development event takes place at Alexandra Park FC – The Racecourse Ground, Wood Green London, N22 7AX – Nearest station is Alexandra Palace overground.

The evening showcases practical sessions where referees can get involved with 45-minute workshops including

  • This year the topics to be addressed in the 45 minute workshops include:
  • Red Card, Yellow Card, Penalty,
  • The Grey Areas of Refereeing,
  • Wait, Wait, Wait – flag, Advantage and ??

Brains Trust’ event with a panel of experienced FA Tutors answering questions about what to aim for in a refereeing performance. There are no limitations on age, gender or ability, so please feel free to join us.

What is on offer:

  • 18:00 Earlybird session for those who can get there early enough to make use of the outdoors and the remaining light. Come ready for action.
  • 19:00 Free hot meal
  • 19:30 Two further workshops get under way at 19:30 and are repeated at 20:15 so you can attend both
  • 21:00 Observers’ Brains Trust
  • 21:30 Event ends, bar remains open

This is an ideal opportunity for younger referees especially those on the promotion scheme or interested in climbing the rungs of the refereeing ladder in the future. Get the inside track to achieve your potential.

Food & Drinks:

As ever Serge offers best Chicken Curry – served with potatoes, parsnips, peas, pumpkin, peppers.

For more event information, including start time, location, and map, use this link.

To ensure your free meal, please contact Bart O’Toole at bartholomewotoole@gmail.com. This will secure your meal as dinners are limited to those who have pre-ordered.

Please also indicate if you will be attending the Early Bird session at 18:00 to help us satisfy the demand from those who can get there early enough to join in this extra workshop.

The club bar remains open throughout the evening, where Nigel Grimes will welcome your patronage. Please put this in your diary now.

More details available on our flier

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